How to Show Your Love to Your Spouse in a Better Way Than Having Sex

Love makes the whole world go round. We are all ruled by love more than anything else. Love makes songs and films to sell billions of dollars yearly. Love has various ways by which it is expressed to a object of our attention. Your love partner is about the most important person you want to show love to.It is generally believed that sex is the most important expression of love between couples. However, the act of sex takes time in order for it to be enjoyed by both parties. It is not an experience to be rushed if it is to be mutually satisfying. There are other expressions of love which take less time and can be done in an instant with satisfactory results.You can try them out and see.Hugging Your PartnerGive your partner a hug as many times a day as is possible. It is a very potent way of showing your love to him or her. There is no one who does not like to be hugged.

Maybe it’s the leftovers from our childhood days. Have you noticed that all kids love being hugged? Kids love being picked up and hugged tightly. Well, when we grow up and become adults, that part of us never grows up. It remains and we all love being hugged tightly. Give your partner a hug today. Even when you both have a disagreement, a quarrel or strife, a hug could help to resolve the issue. You do not need to say anything before you hug your lover. Don’t allow your relationship to deteriorate or crash on the platform of pride. You do not have to experience a divorce or a separation.